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Real, Strong Women

Real, Strong Women

"From the moment I stepped foot in the Beta Omega chapter house at The University of Toledo, I knew I wanted to be involved as a leader within Alpha Chi Omega. Growing up, I was the middle child, so it was my job to make sure everyone was having a good time and happy! I love to dance and took on my first leadership role in high school helping younger dancers learn new routines.

As a new member in Alpha Chi, I looked up to the older women in my chapter and tried to get involved in any way possible. Now, I serve as chapter president and am so grateful for the opportunity!

This past year, I was able to attend Leadership Academy, and it was incredible. When I started my role as chapter president, I was beyond scared of the things I might mess up and the people I could let down. At Leadership Academy, I gained a whole new level of confidence. I knew I could handle my new position and would make all my sisters proud. Thanks to funding from the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, I was able to find the confidence in myself to be a real, strong woman. Without these opportunities to grow as a leader, I truly wouldn't be the woman (and sister) I am today." - Miranda Gelb (Beta Omega, The University of Toledo)

"My favorite thing about the tagline "real, strong woman" is how well it represents Alpha Chi Omega. It reflects the diversity within the organization, and can truly mean anything to anyone depending on their background. For me, it is all about empowerment. Yes, we can be strong physically or even mentally, but Alpha Chi Omega has made me stronger by teaching me to be firm and confident in what I truly believe in. I have learned to be proud and comfortable openly supporting my passions and sharing my knowledge with others. Everyday I hope to empower other women to be their own definition of a Real Strong Woman, the way Alpha Chi Omega has done for me." - Mae Pastorello (Beta Psi, Louisiana Tech University)

"These last few years in Alpha Chi Omega has taught me so much. I learned what it is like to be a part of something bigger than myself. To be pushed to become a "real, strong woman" and teach others what it means to truly love one another. I also learned what it is like to have a strong support system that will always lift you up. Going into this organization I did not know what I was looking for, but I definitely found it in Alpha Chi Omega!" - Kiki Hunte (Delta Rho, University of Arkansas)

"Alpha Chi Omega has made me a real, strong woman by inspiring me to be the best version of myself. The countless leadership opportunities provided to me by this organization have driven me to grow as a leader and I truly believe I wouldn't have gotten these experiences anywhere else. The friendships and memories I have made with my sisters are so important to me. The presence of sisterhood within our Beta Nu chapter has shown me how to be a real, strong woman." - Taylor Orman (Beta Nu, University of Utah)

"Alpha Chi Omega has been the most influential aspect of my college career. The women in my chapter have empowered me, inspired me, and challenged me to become the best version of myself. Through our philanthropy of Domestic Violence Awareness I have learned crucial information about domestic violence and how to help others experiencing it. The women of Alpha Chi Omega truly are real, strong women and they live it out daily by empowering other women." - Mayci Hartley (Alpha Omega, Birmingham-Southern College)

"Alpha Chi Omega has provided me with the opportunities that I've needed in order to grow as a real, strong woman. As the Vice President of Philanthropy of the Alpha Omicron chapter at Ohio State, I've been able to work with local domestic violence shelters and educate the Columbus community, all while still learning how to support my sisters nationally through the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. My sisters don't just participate in service events because they care about our philanthropy, they also do it because they know how much their support means to me. Alpha Chi Omega women have each other's backs; we're here to help one another grow through support and friendship." - Hallie Fried (Alpha Omicron, The Ohio State University)

"Alpha Chi Omega has helped to make me a real, strong woman by surrounding me with intelligent, forward-thinking, and like-minded individuals. The women of Alpha Chi have also been a support system for me with my professional development and community involvement, as I have been inspired by so many of my sisters who strive for improvement in all that they do." - Anna Kate Schaller (Alpha Upsilon, The University of Alabama)