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Foundation-Supported Programs

Foundation-Supported Programs

"Having the opportunity to attend Leadership Academy is something that I will always remember. Being a first-time attendee, I was glad to have (virtually) met so many other sisters from chapters around the country and see just how far the bond of Alpha Chi Omega stretches. Each session left me feeling more capable and confident in myself, and I told everyone I could just how valuable the experience was. Every speaker gave me a new perspective of where I stand in the world and made me reflect on what growth I'd like to see within myself and the communities I am part of. Leadership Academy has been one of the highlights of my Alpha Chi experience, and I hope every sister has the chance to attend an event like it during their college career." - Madison Chang, VP Finance (Gamma Tau, Oklahoma City University)

"Leadership Academy was truly such an amazing experience. The connections I made that weekend and lessons I took back to share with my sisters are things I will never forget. I think my biggest takeaway from Leadership Academy was to treat others the way they want to be treated, remembering everyone is different and handles situations differently, and keeping in mind how much power language truly holds. I'm so thankful for the experience I was able to have and the people I was able to meet and connect with. I am beyond excited to use these lessons throughout the rest of my time in college and later in life." - Shelby O'Brien, VP New Member Education (Gamma Tau, Oklahoma City University)

"Leadership Academy helped me grow exponentially, both as a leader and as an Alpha Chi Omega sister. The education on DEI and member engagement during COVID was invaluable, as was the chance to talk and bond with other chapter presidents from across the country. After Leadership Academy, I feel so much more prepared to lead and grow with my chapter." - Olivia Allen, Chapter President (Gamma Tau, Oklahoma City University)