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Making a Stock Gift

Making a Stock Gift

Julie Cain Burkhard

(Beta Sigma, University of Georgia)

In the spring of 1976, just one year into my membership in Alpha Chi Omega, I received a gift of stock from my parents.

Betty and Clay Cain gifted 10 shares of AT&T stock to me; I was 19 years old at the time! My dad worked for AT&T for over 30 years and invested not only in the company, but in his family through the purchase of stock.

I accepted the gift happily, not knowing what I would do with the stock someday but knowing how much it meant to my parents to give it to me. As my dad said to me, "Hold on to it, let it grow and someday you'll have a reason to either gift it to someone else or liquidate."

That day came in December 2018 when I transferred all shares from that original 10 shares to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation for the benefit of the Campaign for 1064 S. Lumpkin St., the campaign to renovate and expand the Beta Sigma chapter house at the University of Georgia. With the assistance of the Foundation staff and Goelzer Investment Management, Inc., I easily completed the paperwork and successfully transferred my gift of stock to the Foundation.

It was a gift of gratitude to my parents for the foresight they had so many years ago to give me an opportunity to give back; thankfully, my opportunity was my membership in Alpha Chi Omega.


Making charitable gifts of appreciated property stocks can be an excellent strategy to reduce your tax bill. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how a gift of appreciated assets can provide tax benefits to you and have a significant impact on the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.